Monday, August 3, 2015

One Month Down

Hello people!

What a quick week. There is so much to say, but I already forgot half of it. 

First off, Sister A and I study in the park every morning. One day, a lady was walking by us and this was our conversation:
"Hi guys! How are you today?"- lady 
"We are good! How are you?"- us
"Good! So what school do you guys go to?" -her
"Oh, we are actually missionaries and we are just studying here!" -us
"Oh okay, I just see you here everyday and I wanted to make you aren't homeless"- lady 
*she walks away*
"uhh, thanks?"- us
I guess that is what we get when we have blankets wrapped around us and we look half asleep still. haha

A church that is on the same street as our church building has some of the best quotes on their church board every week and I thought I would share them with you every week. I forgot the last few times so here are a few:
"worry is the darkroom where negatives develop"
"God answers kneemail"
"avoid truth decay, brush up on the bible"
"little is much when God is in it"
"love is its own reward, bitterness its own punishment"
"hipster Jesus loved you before you were cool" -such a Portland Oregon thing to say

On a more spiritual note, this week has been so great! Our investigators are progressing so much and we have been doing quite a bit of finding lately. We hope to see some fruit from our labors. The Lord's timing is impeccable. We went to teach Juliette and had something planned for the lesson. As we were sitting there talking to her, she asked some questions about temples and right then she received a call from her son who she hasn't talked to in quite a while. It gave us just the perfect amount of time to change what we felt prompted to teach her. We just looked at each other and knew that talking about the temple was what was needed at this time and it was such a great lesson!

Drew, previously known as "Skinny Santa," has been making leaps and bounds! He came to church before we had even finished teaching The Restoration and it has been so amazing to see the way this Gospel has changed him. His personality has even become different in a very good way. He has a hard time with sacrament because of the noise from the children (Bull Mountain ward is pretty large and has A TON of children) but he still says he likes coming for "Bible Study." 

The other day we were supposed to have a lesson with him and we had some members go to his apartment to pick him up so we could have the lesson at their house. They called and said he wasn't home! We were so disappointed. Before this lesson, we had some time so we thought  we would go "inspiration door knocking." Sister A told me to tell her where to go with my "greenie fire" so I said to turn right and go on Bull Mountain Road. I just said whatever popped in my head first. I told her to make some turns and then I picked a house. We continued to do this for awhile with really no luck. We never said anything, but I think we both hoped we would have some cool story about it. We went to go drive to Drew's apartment and as we were turning onto the main road, I screamed' "DREWWW!!" and frantically pointed out the window. Drew was sitting at the bus station and Sister A quickly pulled over. We figured out a ride for him to the members house and all was right in the world again. We might not have found any new investigators, but we found Drew! Had we not gone on that road, we never would have had the lesson we had that night. Talk about miracles right there!

Life is so great and I am so happy to be here as a missionary!! 

I want to quote what my dad wrote me this week. He is so inspired!
"The first month is in the history books and you have only seventeen to go.  I say that not in means of a count down of you returning home but as a time limit to your potential successes.  I am sure you felt that first month came and went like a thief in the night.  With as much as you accomplished, that was just a warm up.  It is now time to pick up the pace and start jogging."

I am going to continue to give my 100% and am so thankful for the love and prayers and letters I receive from all of you. Keep doing your best to be member missionaries because you will be able to help out in His work far much quicker than we can at times. I am headed off to Downtown Portland in a bit so tune in next week for a fun summary of the adventures that lie ahead!! (:

Love you all,
Sister Waite


While on splits in Cedar Creek this week,
we found the ghost busters car!
We made a fort last night because our room was
too hot to sleep in last night
-Stepping in faith one large foot at a time...

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