Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Phone Call from God

On Tuesday we went and saw M. It had been a pretty terrible day and Sister A and I were just not enjoying it. But we walked into their house and the first thing that M and her mom said to us was that they had been reading and praying together. They just lit up when they said that and were practically dancing in their kitchen. It was so great to see how happy they were! It immediately lifted our spirits and brightened our day! Her brother even stayed and talked with us a bit which is something that M said he has never done with missionaries. After our lesson, we took M to stake volleyball and it was a blast!
Wednesday we took some time to call some part member families and see if we could come by. In the middle of these phone calls, we got a call from a number we didn't recognize. I answered and it was silent on the other side. So Sister A looked the number up in our area book and we found out it was from an investigator who hadn't been interested. We called back and it said there was an error and the number hadn't been in use for a while. There was literally no way that someone could have called us from that number, yet it did. We hadn't even been looking at this lady and definitely hadn't called her. So what happened? Well it was our Heavenly Father giving us a phone call, obviously! We went to her house but she wasn't home and the man told us would we come come back in a few days. Heavenly Father was just putting her in our sights for right now!
There is a family in one of our wards that we had a harder time connecting with (members). We had an MRL (member referral lesson, where they set up a date to do missionary work) with them and so we decided that we would tract their neighborhood and show them that we were putting in work, so they could too. That really opened them up and they were so on board. The father gave us some names of a member family that no one could find and so we went out to tract their apartment complex. We found out that they don't live there anymore but we had time and decided to keep tracting there. We were running out of time and almost didn't finish with the last two doors. Then the saying that Elder Jacobson, District Leader, said came up, "If you love them, you will knock. Do you not love them enough to knock? or knock again?" So we knocked and found this family who was so prepared! They were Spanish speakers and we didn't want to be poachers, so we reluctantly gave this family up to the Spanish Elders. It was a little sad, but we know that we will be blessed for finding that family and that we will receive someone who is prepared for us!

This is what the Spanish Elder's later told us:
They had decided to do a miracle find (pray that there will be a miracle amongst their tracting a really rich neighborhood) but by the end, they hadn't really found anyone. A few minutes later, we called them and gave them this great prepared family! We were their miracle! The Elders went and met the family and they are doing so great!
Thursday was our one month anniversary of being a companionship! Friday we didn't have anyone feeding us (a rare occasion) so we went out to eat at a Mexican Restaurant and it was a great celebration. Anniversary dinner for the win!

MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING PEOPLE! We got out of a lesson and were driving to do some finding when I look out the window and see Karleen, a lady we have never met but the Spirit told us who she was when we see her walking all over this town. I saw her walk into McDonalds and did my Drew thing were I yelled her name and Sister A quickly pulled over. We had no clue what we were going to say, but knew we needed to talk to her. We walked in and Sister A looked in her bag to find anything that would help. I just walked up to her, towards the restrooms, she turned around and not knowing what else to do, I just said "Hi, how are you? What is your name?" Awkward right? But it had to be done! She said her name and then Sister A and I did the worst surprised expressions ever and explained that we were the missionaries who had been leaving her notes! She was so nice and open to us and hopefully we can actually see her soon! Then a man came up and gave us a gift card and said he was paying for our lunch! But we weren't there for food, so we slipped out when he wasn't looking.. We still appreciate it!

Something that has been on my mind is the Grace of God. Grace is the "divine assistance and endowment of strength from God. He pours out blessings of power and strength, enabling us to achieve things that otherwise would be far beyond our reach. It bestows temporal blessings and spiritual gifts that magnify our abilities and enrich our lives. His grace refines us. His grace helps us become our best selves." -President Uchtorf

Keep being member missionaries and know that God loves you! He really does.
And I do too!

-Sister Waite

Meri's brother let us try on his super awesome
 Storm Trooper helmets!

A Friendly Reminder:  Do your Family History!

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