Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Time is Here!

Last week was a good one. We had zone conference with Elder Arnold from the Seventy and man was it spectacular! Elder Cornwall was there and we got a chance to talk about our areas! Both are doing great!

We also had the chance to go to the Temple this week which was so much needed. The Portland Temple is just so beautiful and our area is only about 10 minutes from it!

The ward Christmas party was amazing! SIster Kraus did an amazing job on it and we had the opportunity to help out with it! It was a "star search" play with christmas characters who showed their talent (including the bishopric dressing as justin beiber and lip singing to "mistletoe") and in the end, "mrs. claus" (one of the judges) talked about how there was only one star we were searching for and it ended with a manger scene. It was genius!

Looking forward to another great week! Including our Mission Christmas party on Friday

Wishing you a very Christ-centered Christmas!

-Sister Waite

Burned Cookies, Bad Back, and Nike

I LOVE my mission. I know we missionaries say that all the time, but missionary work truly is the most fulfilling activity you could ever do. There really is nothing better! And I refuse to allow myself to take my mission for granted so I will continue to express my love for being a missionary every week!

Missionary work was fantastic this week, as for my personal life, it was a bit of a wreck. On Saturday I was feeling some stress and so I decided to write down a list of everything that went wrong this week:

-broken back (just messed up)
-broken car (it was just the mud guard that was falling off)
-broken fridge
-broken drain
-forgot to call a certain person to let them know we would not be at a certain service
-3 canceled lessons
-Don't know what to do with certain investigator
-stressful service project
-got yogurt on my shirt
-Investigator canceled for nativity
-burned 2 dozen cookies
-lost the keys at the Cantrells

It was the fridge that broke that Saturday morning and I just was feeling down. For whatever reason, my back has been having sharp pains that caused me severe pain this week and I still have no clue why. It was just a rough week. As I finished the list, I obviously still didn't feel much better. 

I then felt prompted to list the miracles I saw this week and man was it long! A few highlight were:

-the car took a screw and 3 minutes to fix so we didn't have to lose our car!
-had a fantastic lesson with our new investigators and the wife hadn't even wanted to listen but as we told her of the first vision, I watched as tears began to pool in her eyes.
-the service project was so GOOD!! After 3 long weeks of being a middle man, we accomplished what Heavenly Father had sent us to do when we felt prompted to knock on her door. It was truly the best
feeling ever to help out a lady with nothing in her house, and walk out knowing they will be more than comfortable in their house with all their furniture.  
-the tide pen took the yogurt out
-Sister Eddy made us more than enough cookies to make up for the ones we burned
-Brother Papworth gave us passes for the Nike Employment Store
-Elder Coronel was able to give me a Priesthood Blessing of healing

EVERY TIME something went wrong and it seemed like there was no possible way we could find a solution, Heavenly Father blessed us and made it work. Sister Armstrong commented yesterday, "Sister Waite, every time you have a rough week personally, your week goes great mission wise!" When I wrote down this list and saw the blessings in everything that went wrong, I just sat there and cried. I felt the love Heavenly Father has for me, His daughter, immediately. And I know that I can rely on my Savior who has suffered for my pains and knows how I feel right now. How amazing is that? I want EVERYONE to know about the Atonement and the love of our Savior and Father in Heaven.
Christmas is the best season of the year to show Christlike love for others and bring the spirit of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into their homes. I challenge you each to invite someone to come closer to Christ by inviting them to the ward Christmas party, a Christ-centered family night taught by the missionaries, or to the Christmas program in sacrament meeting. There are so many opportunities for missionary work this month! Don't let them slip by. Also, ask everyone and anyone!  Don't ever assume (especially based off of appearances) that people won't want to have this gospel in their lives because you just never know.  I love you all! Enjoy this beautiful week! I know we will! We have a Mission Tour with a Elder Arnold from the Seventy and a temple trip on Thursday! Wahoo!

-Love, Sister Waite
This picture explains our day: POURING RAIN, Nike, and free hot chocolate from the founder of Al-Poly Sports.
-Ice skating last week!