Wednesday, July 8, 2015

At the MTC

Hello All,

Well, I have finally made it a week. I leave really early next Monday and am SO excited! The MTC is great but we just study A TON. My companion is Sister Burge from Orem, Utah and she is also going to Portland. She is awesome! and we seriously are twins. We both have short blonde hair and the same personality which can be great at times and hard at others. & we have started to say the same things at the same times. Our district is made up of 4 Elder companionships and then Sister Burge and I. We are all seriously so close and I love them! We often say that the Elders help us and protect us like we are literally their sisters, and we help them like we are their moms. (: 
4 of the Elders are going to Portland, as well as 7 other Elders not in our district. No sisters yet though...

We are teaching two "investigators" at the moment. One of them really could be an investigator but we don't really know. The teaching has been great and yesterday I felt like we truly taught with the spirit which just felt so amazing. 
The fourth of July was fun. It didn't really feel like a holiday and I honestly didn't care. We had a great devotional and then went outside to watch the fireworks. I was able to get pictures with all my friends from home and Cedar!
I saw Elder Hymas right away and have seen Elder Baker, Elder Kannon Evans,  Sister Whipple and many others from college. I have no doubt I will see Elder KC Evans today. 

I was called as a Sister Training Leader so I will be one who welcomes the two new districts to our zone tonight. It feels so great to know that I am no longer a newbie! Sometimes I get down on myself for not already being an extraordinary missionary but then I remind myself it has only been a week. When I do look back on the time, I can see such a difference in myself! 

I met Brother Harris and he told me that Elder Sullivan was in his district way back in the MTC and so we were able to talk about Logandale for a bit.
We had a devotional Sunday night by Jenny Oaks Baker (daughter of Elder Oaks) and she is an amazing person as well as an amazing musician! This Friday we will have the opportunity to watch Elder Packer's funeral. Our teachers were surprised that we have the opportunity. 

In our Branch Presidency meeting on Sunday morning, the old Sister Training Leaders really emphasized the importance of Priesthood blessings. I really hadn't felt like I needed one because I was doing pretty good, but as they talked about it I felt like maybe I should. Then Brother Bliss bore his testimony on them and I started to tear up. After the meeting, I went and shook his hand and as I thanked him for his testimony, I started to cry and I didn't know why!  As soon as I was back with my district, I immediately asked Elder Taylor to give me a blessing. He gave me one of comfort and said that I would be able to focus better in classes (it is so hard for everyone at times). I cried the whole way through and I don't really cry usually. I knew that in that moment, I needed to let go of pride and just ask for Heavenly Father's help. Before the blessing, the spirit was coming to me like a little trickle. After the blessing, the spirit bore down on me so much and it has blessed me so much these last few days. It has truly strengthened my testimony of them! By my example, my companion finally asked for one too and I knew that she needed it also. If you ever need one, never be afraid to ask because they truly help!

Something that our Branch President, President Boone, said last night made me think so much. He said, "There is much opposition in the world. If you stop trying to teach others, adversity stops. So does your success." I thought that was so great because it is true. We should all try and be the best we can be as well as the best missionaries. Never stop trying because if you do, you will never know how successful you could be. 
I love you all and am so grateful for your examples and support! 

Love, Sister Waite


my awesome roommates! The one with short blonde hair is Sister Burge. The rest are in the other District but we are all such good friends! They are going to Anaheim and Salt Lake.
-Elder Evans and his companion after the 4th of July Devotional

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