Monday, July 20, 2015

A Week in Oregon

Good Morning!
(Names are removed at times to respect privacy)
It has been a crazy but good week! Transitioning into a Missionary actually out in the field is hard work! There are days where you just think, "what am I doing here?" and then you really think about it and you just say to yourself, "well I felt that this is where I need to be so I am gonna enjoy each and every second! It will get better, just gotta be patient and lose myself in the work!" So that is what I am trying to do. 

Sometime last week (the days literally fuse together), we went to go visit a less active lady named K. When we parked, Sister A realized that this was the wrong place and we actually came to L's instead. L is also less-active. Sister A asked if I would back her out but I just said that we should go knock on her door because this couldn't just be a coincidence. So we went and knocked but she had left like minutes before we came. My hope kinda fell.. then her daughter said that she would be home the next day at 2 and we could come back then. We did come back and she was there and she talked to us for a solid hour with us barely fitting in words here and there. Sister A and I just kept praying in our heads that we would know what to say but we both felt like we just needed to listen. So we did. Well, she felt so comfortable with us that she ended up having us set up an appointment to meet with her tommorrow! Follow the promptings!

We also had dinner with the McG's who are not members but are really kind and wanted to feed us. They had one son serve a mission and one that is out serving in Salt Lake!! Golden investigators. We taught them the Restoration and when we were done they said that we were the best missionaries that they have had over so that made us feel pretty good. We invited them to read the BOM and they said that they had never read a page. We are hoping that when we visit with them again, they either will have read or we can get them to. 

We also taught a man named C. Back story: he is apparently a hard person to teach. He always gets off track and asks weird questions. I was really worried to teach him, especially with it being the Plan of Salvation. To make matters worse, we think Sister A must of had food poisoning that night and so I was basically left by myself to teach this man. He did try to get off track, but I kept him on the right track with most questions. At one point, we talked about mormon funerals and he wanted to watch one, so I was reminded by the Spirit of Elder Packer's funeral! I invited him to watch that and he seemed happy to do so. A little while later, while talking about trials, he turned to me, and as if prompted, he said that he felt like I had gone through hard times. It was so weird because I was happy as could be and was just thinking about the lesson but when he said that I was so overwhelmed by the Spirit that I started to tear up and said that yes, of course I had gone through trials and hard times in my life and then I bore my testimony. He told me after the lesson that because I shared with him some personal things, he felt more human and could more easily learn what we were teaching. Sister A said that it was like Spirit was talking to Spirit. Pretty cool experience. 

We got to do some service as a Zone at a community prepardness fair. It was really fun and had face painting, a band, and free food. Sister A and I got to do some face painting and then of course, a member asked to send a picture to my mom. Sheesh, my mom gets so many pictures! Which reminds me, in church yesterday, Sister Agnesse turns and says, "do you know Erika and Dennis Whitmore??" I said yes! and she ended up sending a picture to her but pretended like she didn't.. but that is so cool because she is in our ward and we teach her husband sometimes!! :-)

As far as church, we have two wards and go to church all day. When you have 6 hours of just church plus hours at meetings, 3 hours of church is nothing! And it truly was the best day! I loved going to church that long because I was just so full of the spirit the whole time. There is a great push to keep your ENTIRE Sabbath Day holy. I would like to challenge all of you to put a little more effort in doing your best to keep the Sabbath a day of sacrifice to the Lord. I loved what a return missionary said yesterday in Sacrament Meeting: "Most of us charge our phones @ night because we want to use it the next day. If we don't have it, we feel weird and lost. Same should be with our spiritual batteries. We charge them every Sunday and use it through the week. Without it, we are lost." Don't let it become a burden, but rather a day full of preparing for the week ahead. 

On Friday, we were blessed to have had Elder Ballard speak to us missionaries. All 200 of us were in this little chapel and we got to spend 2 hours with him. I SHOOK AN APOSTLES HAND. I didn't really feel any different, but it is still a cool thing! I loved that he said, "When Christ needs you the most, don't fear the world. He needs you." Sometimes we forget that we can do all things through Him and we don't need to be afraid. Just do your best and keep pushing through. I know that I need to do the same thing out here. "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith."

I appreciate all of you! I know that your confidence in me pushes me forward everyday. Love you all!

Sister Waite

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